Let's Change a million lives
We're creating simple, low-cost and innovative water purification technologies for you and the world's most vulnerable communities to help eliminate water poverty.
"Water Democracy is an awesome startup at Catalysr! Syed is doing a fantastic job."
- Usman Iftikhar, Catalysr

"An inspiring and possible mission. Syed and his team will change the world."
- Anna Schoo, The Wired Lab
Solving Real Needs
From design to inception. Our product has been created based on real needs.
We have an excellent resilient team with lived experience of the problems that will empathise with your needs.
Capacity Building
We provide capacity building in local communities to make the products self reliant and truly independent for clean water production.
Design and Durability
Our products are designed for our specific customer communities, making them more durable and easily maintainable by anyone.

Tunkee, Our Product

Tunkee (Pilot Phase)
Solar Still Water Purification System
100 AUD
Tunkee is a revolutionary solar still designed and engineered for rural areas with low access to energy and maintenance specialists. It's simple design allows it to keep functioning in tough areas with no access to electric power and to be maintained by anyone provided with basic pictorial manuals. It makes a rural household truly independent for its drinking water purification capabilities. It is solar powered and needs to be in direct sunlight for long hours under moderate to high temperatures.

Simple design, which makes it low-costUses robust materials available all over the globePurifies 10L of water per dayClimate-suitable in vast regions of the world Produces pure water from saline or dirty waterPowered by direct sunlight.
How It Works
Open the top
Pour Dirty or Salt Water
Close the top, make sure it is properly closed to keep it airtight
Leave it in the sun. Let nature take care of it and have a good time with your friends and family
Detach your container filled with water via our gravity-fed system and have a sip
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"3 in 10 people worldwide, or 2.1 billion, lack access to safe, readily available water at home" - WHO.int
Water For All!
Our goal is to impact a million lives during
our first 10 years.
Water Democracy is a Social Enterprise that brings new and innovative water purification technologies from the globe to your doorstep and to the most vulnerable parts of the world to help eliminate water poverty.

Every purchase made in Australia will help us get Tunkee Solar Stills to an areas with no clean drinking water on the other side of the world.
Our Story
After having experienced water problems first-hand while growing up in Pakistan, Syed Mansoor, an entrepreneur and engineer from Sydney decided it was time to do something about it.

With more than half a billion people lacking access to clean water despite the available technologies, there was a gap between the technologies and the intended users in terms of high prices and the complexity of the machines. Therefore, Syed decided to develop user-focused water purification solutions.
Become a product champion
Our Road So Far
March 2017
Concept creation
October 2017
Entered Catalysr's Accelerator program
December 2017
Business founded and team formed. Won the Young Social Pioneers FYA program.
January 2018
Began creating second round of prototypes for pilot program
June 2018
Planned launch of pilot program with 10 families free of cost
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Let's Change a Million Lives!
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